Building Stronger
Ethnic Identities

The acquisition of knowledge and facts is often key to academic success. But for a broken spirit who has experienced the consequences of negative stereotyping and has heard the words "You can't go to college", simply giving them more knowledge and information might not be enough. This is the case of many Latino youth who have, are, or will consider dropping out of school this year. A support system—one that simultaneously provides resources and helps rebuild self-esteem—is needed.

For my master's thesis, I collaborated with the work of a non-profit organization that helps teenagers from minority groups develop positive and strong identities.

Ethnic identity formation is a significant goal since studies have shown that "the greater the ethnic identity, the higher the self-esteem, purpose in life and self confidence"; and these qualities are associated with tangible results such as better academic success.

My role as a graphic designer in this partnership with psychologists and educators is to create innovative ways to deliver information that is both functional and aesthetically appealing to Latino adolescents. This is the deployment of a novel support system for non-profit local organizations for the aid of minority adolescents in their process of ethnic identity development.





  1. A Holisitc Model: A motion design piece that explaining the project.
  2. An online community for Latino youth to explore their ethnic identity.
  3. Stories shared

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