Designing at a Research Center

iCeNSA is an interdisciplinary research center organized around network and data science problems in social, biological, physical, environmental, financial, business, and defense systems. I am in charge of communicating the visual needs of the faculty and graduate students for their publications, grant applications, and conferences. These include but are not limited to: academic posters, organizational charts, figures, videos, brochures, and presentations.


  1. UX/IX for healthcare applications
    The Diabetes Management Assistant app was developed to help low-income diabetes patients manage their chronic condition.


    MomLink is a prenatal care coordination platform that bridges Prenatal Care Providers, mothers, and community resources to deliver centered care to pregnant mothers. I was part of the research team and developed the interface, its icons and illustrations. I aso had the opportunity to coordinate traning workshops for the end users.
  2. Research projects videos and animations

  3. Academic postersacademicposters

  4. Figures for academic publications HDSfigure


  5. Other

    Reddit posters
    Designed posters for campus-wide events.

    iCeNSA's tshirts
    Designed tshirts for iCeNSA

    NDday picture
    Coordinated the center's effort towards ND Day A campus wide fundraiser




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